Social Distancing Signage

 - Powerful LEDs allow signage to project clearly in even the most intricate  commercial environments - Can be used outdoors and can withstand weather constraints, particularly useful  if your social distancing policy requires shoppers to queue
 - More visible and eye-catching than traditional safety signage - No concerns over traditional wear and tear as projections don’t come in contact  with footfall or vehicle movements
 - Completely customisable - offers businesses the unique ability to brand  their own social distancing signage with a custom logo - A much cheaper, easy-to-implement solution to social distancing signage as  there’s no need for frequent replacements


Social Distancing Projections

With social distancing becoming the new norm, most companies are looking for new and impactful ways to remind their customers and employees of the need for social distancing. 

Currently, sticky tape and adhesive vinyl offer a temporary solution to the widespread problem, though their effective lifespan is limited and can quickly appear damaged and dirty under heavy footfall, trolley and vehicle movements. Which inevitably leads to a lack of impact and authority and often leaves businesses needing frequent replacements which could become costly. 

Projected social distancing signs are brighter, easier to notice and require next to no maintenance. This innovative, easy-to-install signage solution can withstand even the toughest commercial environments and do not degrade like traditional printed signage. At Projected Image, we offer clients the ability to customise their gobos completely. So whether you’re wanting to stick to the basic social distancing signage template, or you’re wanting to incorporate your brand image or personal message, it’s easy to do so. These custom designs can be easily drawn up and adjusted to your individual needs by our expert creative team.


Distancing Warning 1

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Distancing Warning 2

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One Way Distancing

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Queue Distancing 2

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Thank you

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Wash Your Hands Advisory

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social distancing projector

Featured Projector

  • Versatile IP rated LED Signage Projector
  • Suitable for any space

Whether you’re implementing social distancing rules in a warehouse, or you’re looking for a robust signage solution for a retail space, our easy-to-install projectors allow business owners to fix to any given height or space. Meaning that business owners won’t have to worry about damage, or customers coming into contact with projectors, as they can be fixed to a height out of the way. Our powerful LEDs also diminish the need for frequent replacements, meaning once your projector is installed and you’ve set-up your social distancing signage, the projector can be left to run efficiently on its own. 

Outdoor and Indoor Use

Due to the nature of social distancing, queueing is quickly becoming a normal aspect of life, particularly for commercial businesses. Our range of projectors at Projected Image are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, meaning business owners are able to implement social distancing queues outdoors and indoors effectively, under any testing weather constraints. 


Fully customisable

Our range of custom-built gobos allows business owners to add a personal touch to their social distancing signage. Whether you want to add a small sentence on ‘keeping two meters apart’, or you’re wanting to add a branded thank you note - our expert creative team give business owners the flexibility to create their very own bespoke gobo templates. Either choose from one of our pre-existing templates from our gobos catalogue or create and upload your own design from scratch using our custom gobo page. 

Why choose Projected Image? 

Proudly the UK’s leading manufacturer of gobos and projected signage solutions, our expert creative team has developed countless projected solutions for a broad spectrum of clients. We work attentively to each client’s individual briefs to ensure we create a custom gobo that reflects each client’s specific requests. Working with you each step of the way,  our creative team take the time to request approval stage-by-stage, giving clients a working preview before we go ahead and create your gobo, leaving no room for errors and ensuring our work is of the highest quality, which is how we’ve earnt such a stellar industry reputation. 

Take a look at some of our previous custom signage projections for different clients.



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