Foliage projection over building front, smaller projections of a white arrow, GQ logo and Creams logo.

Retail & Hospitality Projection

Projection in the retail and hospitality sector is beneficial to businesses and customers in a number of ways. Not only do these projected images allow customers to navigate their way through retail spaces in an orderly way to reduce the likelihood of overcrowding, but projection also guides shoppers through the store, ensuring maximum coverage around an entire retail space increasing the amount of time customers spend browsing and buying potential.

These have been used particularly well in retail for brands like Ikea, which have large warehouse-like spaces which push customers around the shop in a very well thought out manner. Take a look at some of our retail and hospitality signage suggestions that directs the footfall of your space more efficiently.

The Benefits of Projected Signage

White arrow in a circle projected on a shop floor.
Less chance of overcrowded areas within a retail space
Safely navigate people around your space, pointing out areas of interest
Successfully navigating customers through retail space ensures maximum coverage across all areas of interest
No need to continuously replace signage
No risk of general wear and tear as opposed to traditional stickers and signs
Highlight special offers and seasonal products
Brand and market new products in a dedicated area of the shop floor
Everything from Fire exits to caution signs

Branded Retail Projection

As well as providing a logical flow of navigation and maximising the potential of your retail space, projection is also used as a way of marketing your business or improving a customer’s perception of your company. Projecting quotes or brand logos around the exterior of your retail space helps brands embody who they are as a business and what they can offer to prospective customers. This method of advertising is also likely to increase footfall, as the very nature of projection (again gobo projectors are ideal for this as they have bright optics and are more powerful visually under retail lighting) are bright, bold and eye-catching and can quickly draw attention to a particular venue. If the nature of your business is to supply marketing collateral to a retail chain, Projected Image Projection solutions, particularly Gobos, make it easy to keep branding consistent across a number of locations. Gobo projection is straightforward an easy setup and install, as well as remaining a cheap advertising method if you ever wanted to rebrand in the future.

With the added ability to project across all types of surfaces, whether it be interior brick or external floor space, Gobo’s give business owners the opportunity to occupy different types of building or space, each with the same, consistent branded logo.

We also provide a digital projection solution which may not be as bright as a gobo but can give you other options and content. This can be used for moving image and content such as playing external brand advertisements or scrolling marketing content over seasonal sales promotions.

Black projector facing to the right.

Featured Warehouse Projector

AW 40 watt LED Weatherproof Gobo Projector

Versatile Indoor Warehouse Projector


  • Branding and Product launches
  • Great for visible signage
  • Easy to fix to existing fixtures and layout

By using projected signage, there is no risk of safety or instructional signs fading, they are easily visible, especially in areas of low light, and can be projected onto any surface.

This means all of your wall, floor and door signs can all easily be changed at any time, creating a safer working environment and allowing you to easily update your signage.

Hospitality Sector Projection

From hotels to restaurants, spas to fitness centres, hospitality facilities using projected imagery are designed with the intent of transporting guests from the world of an ordinary space to an engaging, elevated experience. Hospitality lighting not only increases the ambience of a space, but done well, it can also encourage footfall and provide a memorable experience for guests that may encourage them to return again.

Whether you choose to highlight current restaurant offers, a striking brand logo, or use a number of patterned gobo templates outside of a club to set the ambience before entering, the hospitality industry can utilise gobo projections in a number of ways - as the possibilities projections provide are endless.

Logo projection of The Beatty Brothers logo on office wall.

Beatty Brothers logo projected on office wall.

Creating Custom Gobos

At Projected Image, we can help businesses in the hospitality industry achieve their advertising goals, by creating a bespoke, custom-made gobo from businesses self-submitted logos or branded templates. Suitable for use across all surfaces and venues, elevate your advertising constraints and replace traditional methods of marketing with a custom-branded Gobo. Ready to project across floors for easy navigation, walls in place of standard signage, or as moving projections to catch attention at corporate events, the marketing potential of a custom Gobo opens up a number of new avenues for business owners.

Creating your custom branded template at Projected Image consists of a simple custom request, where our team of specialist craftsmen will provide business owners with proofs of their custom gobo’s to make sure all aspects of the template are catered precisely to our customer’s needs.

Why choose Projected Image?

With over 20 years of experience providing projection solutions for a wide range of clients in the retail and hospitality industry, our team of expert craftsmen use client artwork to create content for different types of projection with the utmost care and precision. With an extensive quality check procedure, all of our projection solutions are made to the highest standard and our attention to detail and stellar customer service has earned us an unbeatable industry reputation. Projected Image is the recommended choice in the UK for all of your retail logo projection needs. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide, holding excellent communication with customers. Either directly when creating a bespoke gobo, or passing on knowledge to customers through our informative blog guides, we aim to educate our customers on the simplicity and efficiency of projection.

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Get in touch with one of our design experts at Projected Image today and chat to us about your projection needs. Or, if you’re looking to create a custom gobo, submit your logo or other branded images using our custom gobo request, and one of our manufacturers will soon be in touch to provide you with a live proof template, ready for your approval.

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