Projection of contactless only sign.

Hospitality & Retail Signage

Hospitality and retail projection is beneficial to businesses and customers in a number of ways. These projected signs can be utilised for a range of applications, such as navigating customers around your store, projecting health and safety signs or even to showcase a new product.

A particularly good example of projected retail signage is Ikea, which has large warehouse-like spaces, navigating customers around the shop in a very well thought out manner with projected signs. We offer a wide range of retail and hospitality signage to direct footfall around your retail space.

Branded Retail Projection

As well as providing instructional and safety signs for your business, projected commercial signage, such as your company logo, is a great way to attract customers and increase brand awareness. This method of advertising is a highly visible signage solution which can be projected onto any surface, a great idea for your shop front signage if you are in an area with lots of footfall. Compared to traditional signage, projected signs also do not wear and tear easily, meaning your sign will maintain a professional finish for a long time, particularly in adverse environments and weather conditions. Projected store signage also gives you the adaptability to change the projected image with ease. Whether your company has rebrands, or whether you want to advertise a promotion to passers-by, you can simply order a new gobo from us and replace the image in your gobo projector. We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor gobo projectors suitable for retail and hospitality signs, if you are looking for advice on what projector is best for you and your business then contact us.

Hospitality Projection

From hotels to restaurant signage, a gobo projector can help elevate your marketing. Whether you want to raise brand awareness, or even create ambience in your venue, projected signs are a great way to test out a range of signs and see what works for you.

Projected signs are also a versatile solution for your business.  If you have an upcoming event in your restaurant or bar, you can order a new gobo for the day and switch this out of your gobo projector, creating and impact and lasting impression with your customers.

Logo projection of The Beatty Brothers logo on office wall.

Black projector facing left.

Featured Gobo Projector

AW 40 watt LED Weatherproof Gobo Projector

Versatile Gobo Projector

  • Branding and Product launches
  • Great for visible signage
  • Easy to fix to existing fixtures and layout

The Benefits of Projected Signage

White arrow in a circle projected on a shop floor.
Bright and bold signage that can be projected onto any surface.
Withstands wear and tear from adverse weather conditions and busy foot traffic unlike traditional signage.
Easily switch out gobos for different events, rebranding or with special offers.

Creating Custom Hospitality and Retail Signs

If our wide range of catalogue gobos aren’t what you are looking for, you can create a custom gobo. Whether it is your logo, a pattern or image, our team will create a high quality solution for you that is bound to impress. We also offer a range of custom text signs which can be used for messages to your customers such as special offers and promotions, to see our range of personalised fonts, get in touch with our team who can help you out.

Why choose Projected Image?

With over 20 years of experience, Projected Image have great knowledge and expertise creating custom branded projected signage, as well as event and logo projections. Our reputation has quickly become renowned for our high standard of gobos and gobo projectors, all manufactured in-house at our office in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Providing cutting edge products in gobo projection and projected signage, Projected Image is the recommended choice for all your brand logo projection requirements.

If you are looking for advice on creating a projected signage system, or need assistance creating a custom branded sign for event projection, then get in touch with our team who can assist you.