Using the new website.

You should receive a link via an email to reset your password.

Next, log on to your account, and follow any instructions to update your profile.

All gobo processing and ordering should stay the same, however we do now have a new button to submit quote in the top right hand corner.

Most of the site should be very similar in user experience and navigation.

Any questions, please get in touch on the details provided on the Contact Us page.

Ordering from the gobo catalogue.

Select any product.

Enter the make and model of projector.

Select front or rear projection and the quantity, you require.

These will be put straight into a cart.

And you can proceed to checkout via the button top right hand corner.

Creating a custom gobo.

The simple form will ask what type of gobo you want to purchase (mono or colour) and whether the projection type is front or rear. Choose the make and model of your projector. Upload artwork. This will then be added to quotes via the button at the bottom of the page. If you require more than one quote, simply fill out another form. Once your quotes are in the quote section, you can submit them from here on the top right of the screen.

What projector should I use? We have a large selection of IP rated projectors which can be used in all environments, including dusty and most. These projectors are fitted with a free gobo and can be used for all manner and types of safety signage. Please note, the distance. You are projecting and the size of your projection needed should be taken into account when selecting a projector. For more information, please click here.


How easy is it to change my projected image or signage?

Each projector comes with a free gobo. However, you can order more gobos from the catalogue. If it is basic signage, or something more bespoke or branded by sending us artwork. This includes logos, custom designs, text, and all manner of signage.

Can I use projection in a wet or damp environments?

We have IP rated projectors, to be used in all environments, with additional rain hoods for extra coverage and outdoor use. And also, extra safety measures with completed waterproof electric drivers when using projectors in an outdoor space.

How big can my projection be?

Our projection size is dependent on how powerful a projector you purchase and also, how far away from the surface you are projecting. For instance, a projection distance of four metres will result in a projection size of approximately just under half the distance, if you require your projection to be a certain size, please get in contact.

As we can adjust this on the artwork. Additionally, we have lenses, which will increase or decrease the size of your projection.

Artwork requirements.

We accept a variety of different formats. Although editable actor vector artwork is the preferred file type. We use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for manufacture and production of gobos, to achieve the best possible projection. We asked that artwork always to be saved at a minimum, resolution of a 600 dpi. With the image size of at least 127 by 127 millimetres. You will need to reduce the file size for compression to around five megabytes to upload to the website otherwise please send via email, any questions, please call us on the contact details provided.

Mono and Colour Gobos.

If you are unsure which gobo you would like. Please feel free to send us your artwork and we can check to see if both are suitable. 

What is keystoning?

Keystoning or Keystone correction is required when it is not possible to position the light directly in front of the projection surface. When projecting from an angle. This will result in a distorted image. Unless previously adjusted by ourselves in the manufacturing process. For any questions on keystoning or projecting at an angle, please contact projected image on the email or phone number provided.

Why do I need a proof?

When we receive artwork the studio will adjust this for manufacturing purposes. Increasing line width, changing colours, so we can get the closet colour mix, and also making sure you get the best projection possible. When you receive your proof, there will be an Accept button. If you are happy with this. Please proceed to the checkout. If not you can also rejected the quote but please give us a call or email us on the contact details provided.

Why projected signage?

Projected Signage is easily visible and more flexible than normal signage solutions. Projected signage, can also be readjusted and changed, without having to remove or take any adhesives off a surface, which may have been traditionally used in other signage. If you are looking for some more information on projected signage. Please read our page, or get in touch on the contact details provided.

When handling a glass gobo.

Please be extra cautious and ideally, touch the gobo only with gloves and use the edges. Avoid getting fingerprints on as dirt and grease, can cause the gobo to be damaged once the light is shone through it. Once you have installed your gobo into the projector, the gobo does not need any cleaning. However, if you notice dirty or marks on the projection. Please remove and handle carefully and send us some images to help on the details provided.