Warehouse Signage Projection

In any warehouse or factory, safety and efficiency is key. Having the correct and most up-to-date signage can warn workers of hazards, provide instructions and drive efficiencies, by directing workers to different stations so that forklift and worker traffic can flow in a logical way around any factory or warehouse at all times.

We've created a more efficient projected signage and marking system to act as the perfect semi-permanent or permanent safety signage solution to replace the temporary measures. See them in action in our projected social distancing safety signage blog.

Custom Safety Signage

The layout, logic and flow of your warehouse can change at any time, so it makes sense to have customisable, projected safety and instructional signage that can easily and cost-effectively be changed and adapted as your needs change.

At Projected Image, we offer a range of in-stock gobos that project the most commonly used signs in factories and warehouses, but if you need a custom sign created, then simply get in touch and we can create a bespoke gobo to project your custom sign.

With ordinary printed signage, painted or vinyl floor signs, they can fade over time (particularly in areas where footfall is high) and repositioning either individual or all signs can be difficult and time-consuming. If you need to completely rethink the layout of your warehouse and move a lot of signage, then you may even have to do this out of hours or stop work in order to move, remove and install new signs and floor markings.

Featured Warehouse Projector

Evica GP10 - 10 watt LED Gobo Projector

AW 150 watt Weatherproof LED Gobo Projector

Versatile Indoor Warehouse Projector


  • Bright LED 15,000 Lumens
  • Rotational Function
  • IP rated for wet and dusty environments

By using projected signage, there is no risk of safety or instructional signs fading, they are easily visible, especially in areas of low light, and can be projected onto any surface.

This means all of your wall, floor and door signs can all easily be changed at any time, creating a safer working environment and allowing you to easily update your signage.

The Benefits of Projected Signage


  • Visible - higher visibility of signs particularly in low light areas
  • Durable - no wear and tear or fading, even in high footfall, forklift traffic or greasy areas
  • Environmentally friendly - lower your carbon footprint by using projection as an alternative to print or paint
  • Cost-effective - no need to replace signage continuously, simply update your gobos


Read our blog to discover the full benefits of projected safety signage


the benefits of projected safety signage

Off-the-shelf and Fully Customisable Warehouse Signage

Choose from our extensive range of off-the-shelf gobo signs, or create completely custom signs to meet the needs of your warehouse. Our gobo selection includes:
  • Stop Line
  • Danger Sign
  • Caution
  • Low Temperature
  • Caution Line
  • No Smoking
  • Hazardous
  • Risk of Electric Shock
  • Stop Sign
  • Risk of Fire
  • Slippery

What our Customers have to Say

We looked at projected signage after continually having to repaint areas of heavy traffic in our warehouse from forklifts. Projected Image visited the site for a demonstration, making sure we chose the correct projector to clearly see the floor marking we needed insitu. After a quick demo, our health and safety manager approved the purchase and our signage was ready and delivered with the week. We estimate savings of around 5K within 2 years of having this installed and logistically has made my job far easier.


Warehouse and Facilities Manager at a large UK supermarket company

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COVID-19 Information

Our collection of safety signage at Projected Image allows business owners to properly adhere to social distancing guidelines without the need for frequent replacements. Particularly useful for those in the construction industry, our collection of social distancing gobos and templates removes the need for regular, printed signage, meaning our projections can withstand heavy areas and remain well-lit and clearly illuminated in even the most constricting of environments.

Keep employees, or customers, depending on the nature of your business, safe and properly regulated with our range of projectors and custom gobos. Whether you’re looking to illuminate hand-washing stations, or properly navigate employees through your space with projected arrows, our range of safety signage templates has everything businesses need to safely implement new guidelines. Take a look at our range of custom gobos, or upload your own artwork and create your own, personalised projections tailored to your exact preferences.