Projected Signage Solutions

Here at Projected Image, we work with businesses, across a wide range of industries, to supply them with durable and high quality signage solutions for a variety of purposes. From warehouse and factory signage, to retail, hospitality and event branding, find out more information about how our industry or event-specific signage solutions can serve you below.



Give Way crossing projected on a warehouse floor with worker walking over it

Projected Safety Signage Systems

Our projected safety signs provide a durable and cost-effective solution for your warehouse, factory or construction site, without the need to repaint.

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Signage projection of a forklift truck warning sign on a warehouse floor.

Projected Warehouse Signage Systems

Why spend money replacing old, worn signs, when projected signage is highly durable? Simply replace your virtual signage as needed for a fraction of the cost.

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Logo projection of BAFTA face projected on the BAFTA stage.

Branding or Logo Projection

Extend the reach of your brand day or night using projections customised to your business’ brand or logo.

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Wedding projection in the background of a Bride and Groom's first dance

Wedding or Party Projection

Gobo projectors add a personal touch to any wedding or party. Personalised monogram projections are a hugely popular method to celebrate any occasion.

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Retail projection of the ASOS logo on a black floor

Retail & Hospitality Projection

From off-the-shelf gobos to customised solutions, shop our range of signage solutions for retail and hospitality.

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Projection of a two metre social distancing sign

Social Distancing Projection

Projected social distancing signs are bright, easy to notice, require no maintenance, and do not degrade even in tough commercial environments, making it an ideal solution for warehouse and factory signs.

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Benefits of Projected Signage Solutions

Compared to traditional signage methods, projection signage holds a number of additional benefits, including convenience, affordability, as well as a range of environmental benefits and more. With adaptable solutions for your business or occasion, discover the benefits of our quality virtual signage solutions and find one to suit your needs.


  • Affordable - Compared to the ongoing cost of traditional signage and floor markings, our hard-wearing projection signage solutions are a much more cost-effective option in the longer term. With the ability to purchase and quickly install a new gobo to update your safety signs, there is no waiting for paint to dry on floors or signs to be screwed to the wall, which can cost your business time and money, especially as these can fade quickly in busy environments.


  • Resistant to Wear and Tear - Whether you’re looking to use our virtual signage solutions for the long-term, or for a special occasion, you won’t need to worry about our projection signage losing quality. Showing no signs of wear and tear or fading, even after months or years of use, our signage is ideal for businesses or individuals looking for long-lasting solutions.


  • Eco Friendly - Reduce your business’s plastic waste by choosing our projection signage over traditional signage and floor markings. Our easily moveable and adjustable virtual signage solutions are also highly efficient, lasting for long periods of time without needing to be replaced. While traditional and painted signage takes a significant amount of time to install, maintain and update, projected signage is less time consuming and causes less disruption, as it can be fitted whilst not having to halt operations.


  • Highly Visible - Our signage solutions provide a large amount of visibility and boast a more professional appearance than traditional alternatives, especially in conditions with reduced light. A particularly useful benefit for warehouses and retail spaces, our projection signage can easily be noticed by employees and customers, improving safety and reducing risks. Even when used for different purposes, such as for events or occasions, our highly visible signage provides an attractive and eye-catching solution for guests, increasing brand awareness.

Available to provide demonstrations and answer any questions, our friendly, dedicated and highly knowledgeable team are here to help. Whether you’re unsure of which virtual signage solutions best suit your needs, or would like to learn more about the benefits of using projectors over traditional printed or painted alternatives, contact us by email or phone and we’ll be in touch.