Projection Solutions

Here at Projected Image, we work with businesses across a range of industries to supply them with the very best projectors and projections for the job. From retail, warehouse and hospitality signage, to event branding, weddings, parties and more, browse our industry-specific solutions below.

Signage projection of a forklift truck warning sign on a warehouse floor.

Signage Projection

Why spend money replacing old, worn signage when projected signage never wears, simply replace your projection as needed for a fraction of the cost.

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Logo projection of BAFTA face projected on the BAFTA stage.

Branding or Logo Projection

Extend the reach of your brand day or night using projections customised to your business’ brand or logo.

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Wedding projection in the background of a Bride and Groom's first dance

Wedding or Party Projection

Projections add a personal touch to any wedding or party. Monogram projections are hugely popular.

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Retail projection of the ASOS logo on a black floor

Retail & Hospitality Projection

From off-the-shelf to customised solutions. Shop our range of projection solutions for retail and hospitality.

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Projection of a two metre social distancing sign

Social Distancing Projection

Projected Social Distancing Signs are bright, easy to notice, require no maintenance, and do not degrade even in tough commercial environments.

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