Nowadays events and shows from stage or concert venues use lights and projection, which often involve a computer or digital element whether that be design software or DMX control. With Halloween around the corner, this can give you greater scope for creativity but has a multitude of problems, ranging from cost to technical issues. Check out our latest infographic about the benefits of using a Gobo over Digital Projection - There is Nothing Scary About A Gobo!
This month we are running a special promotion with our projectors to coincide with Halloween. If you buy a projector, you not only get a free custom mono gobo, but also a special 5 piece Halloween pack of our standard catalogue metal gobos.
As another year of Halloween parties is on the horizon we are also constantly updating our catalogue with new designs for these annual events so make sure you have a look to add to your event portfolio.
At Projected Image we manufacture Gobos and have been doing so for 15 years, so that’s accounts to hundreds of Halloween Gobos. However, Gobos have been around for possibly close to 100 years, in this time technology and the way people have found to use Gobos have changed dramatically. But the actually Gobo has changed very little, made in either metal or glass these discs fit into special Gobo Projectors and cast an image onto a surface. Make sure you get your orders in before the end of October to take advantage of this offer.