When it comes to running a warehouse, one of the main concerns is safety and efficiency of staff within the workplace. The most efficient way to ensure all employees are kept safe at work is by installing all necessary floor safety signage. Ensuring that these are up-to-date with mandatory regulations and that they remain easily visible at all times. Between the years of 2020/2021, 10% of non-fatal injuries in the workplace were from objects being moved around the work floor, reiterating the importance of floor safety signs being visible in order to avoid being a part of this statistic.

Traditionally, warehouses and factories use painted floor safety signs. However, due to their temporary nature, these painted signs can quickly and easily degrade, creating a heightened risk of accidents in the workplace. Many warehouse managers are instead opting to upgrade their floor signage systems to projected signs, such as the ones available to purchase here at Projected Image. Designed to be long-lasting and durable, LED projectors are capable of continuous operation without any reduction in brightness or clarity, meaning workplace safety is ensured at all times. Even with these clear benefits, however, one of the main questions we hear regarding projected safety images is ‘are projected floor signs cheaper than painted?’.

Are projected floor signs cheaper in the long-term?

While this can be subjective depending on specific workplace requirements, projected floor signage is often cheaper in the long-term compared to painted floor signage. While, at face value, projected floor signs can appear to be more expensive than traditional painted floor signage. The enhanced visibility and durability of projected floor signs often outweighs painted signage and, overtime, can quickly become the more affordable and reliable option.

Particularly when taking into consideration the maintenance and labour costs associated with repainting, painted safety signage will inevitably become a huge recurring cost for businesses. Compare that to the quick and easy installation of a gobo projector signage system, and the safety of your warehouse can be installed without disruption to the working environments and remain visible for years to come.

What’s more, gobo projectors can be moved and rarely require maintenance or repairs. This means that, should your warehouse layout change or move to a new location, you can take advantage of the movability of a projected floor sign and take the projector with you wherever it's needed. With projected floor signs, there’s no need to worry about removing paint and the cost of having safety signs re-painted in a new location, as you can plan and move the projector quickly and with relative ease.

Projected floor signs are long-lasting and adaptable

Projected floor signs are hard-wearing compared to painted floor signs, as paint can easily chip away over time, especially if it is used to outline specific pathways for heavy vehicles and machinery. In high-traffic areas which are particularly prevalent within large warehouses, this frequent traffic can see traditional paint signage wear down within a matter of years, which then has the potential to cause accidents in the workplace.

It’s not enough for painted floor safety signs to just be there, they need to be in perfect condition and easily visible, not only for a safe work environment, but also to fulfil liability insurance rules within the workplace, to ensure the safety of the people and company isn't at stake. Workplace safety disputes can cost businesses anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of pounds, both in terms of legal costs and employee payouts. Therefore, it is in your best interests as a business to choose a floor safety sign solution that is guaranteed to remain visible at all times.

Projected signs guarantee longevity and can be easily adapted to meet any changing regulations, simply switch out the safety sign gobos for as little as £45. Compare this to the price of repainting a safety sign, which can cost upwards of £5000 when factoring in manual labour costs, it’s clear that projected signs can end up saving your business a lot of money.

Easily visible projected floor safety signs

One of the main advantages of using projected signage instead of traditional painted signs is that they are brighter and bolder, meaning they are easily visible in the busy landscape of a factory or warehouse. 

Surfaces which have standard road vehicles often encounter oil as well as other contamination. This can distort and cover paint, making repainting extremely difficult and prolonged due to heavy duty floor preparation. 
No matter the surface, safety signage can be easily projected anywhere in the warehouse in a vivid and prominent manner, making everyone clearly aware of hazards. Therefore using a high-wattage projector such as our 200 Watt Weatherproof LED GOBO Projector will ensure your safety signs are visible at all times.

Find cheaper floor safety signage at Projected Image

When it comes to choosing projected floor signs over painted signage you are paying for the longevity and adaptability of the signs. Projected signs can be positioned in any place you wish and moved to difficult locations and surfaces , with no need to pay for lengthy labour or maintenance costs.

If you’re interested in switching to projected warehouse signage, view our range of signage and projectors on our website and read our projection blogs to find out more on the benefits of projected signage. Alternatively, you can contact us and speak to one of our team members to find out what the best options will be for you.