Projection of Northern Lights, BAFTAs, Asics and Wedding logos.

Branding and Logo Projection

At Projected Image, we specialise in creating custom branded projected imagery for the purpose of advertising, marketing or promoting your brand and business. Our custom branded logo projections make it easy for businesses to elevate brand awareness and stand out from the competition, thanks to crisp, clear custom gobo manufacturing. Our branded gobos are an effective way to prominently display your brand logo and capture the attention of potential customers, with the flexibility of both outdoor and indoor use, even across non-traditional terrains.

Custom Branded Gobos

Our custom branded gobos offer business owners the chance to step out from behind traditional advertising methods. There’s no reason to limit your business to a paid advertising space, or physical storefront signage when you can add a custom branded gobo to your marketing collateral.
Investing in a custom branded gobo gives business owners the versatility to supply advertising materials to a number of events. From onsite branding to offsite brand awareness, trade shows, conferences, or corporate events - our custom branded gobos and projectors are designed to be adaptable and versatile, allowing businesses the freedom to project wherever they desire.

Featured Logo Projector

Black projector facing to the right.

AW 40 watt LED Weatherproof Gobo Projector

Versatile Indoor Warehouse Projector


  • Discreet and bright
  • Can be installed onto all shop fixtures and fittings
  • Rotating function for extra visibility

By using projected signage, there is no risk of safety or instructional signs fading, they are easily visible, especially in areas of low light, and can be projected onto any surface.

This means all of your wall, floor and door signs can all easily be changed at any time, creating a safer working environment and allowing you to easily update your signage.

Creating a Custom Projection

The process of creating a custom gobo is simple and hassle-free with our straightforward gobo guide at Projected Image. Featuring five easy steps, business owners are able to select the type of gobo they require, upload their logo, add additional shipping information and details - and our reputable team of manufacturers will get in touch to send you a proof version beforehand, to receive the go-ahead from customers before the custom gobo process begins.

If you require any help when it comes to designing your custom branded gobo, please refer to our quick FAQ guide for reference.


the benefits of projected safety signage

Customisable Text Gobos

If for whatever reason you don’t have a branded logo, or you’re looking for some more standard projected signage, Projected Image has a whole host of custom text gobos that are designed to help create the advertising solution you imagined.

Custom text gobos at Projected Image are great for hosting business events, advertising new products or branding a venue or service. Take a look at our extensive range of fonts available for customising, whether you’re looking for a traditional font for a more corporate form of advertising or a modern, trendy typeface for an eye-catching approach, our custom text fonts are perfect for projecting a branded message.

stack of custom branded gobos

Why Choose Projected Signage?

With over 20 years of expertise, Projected Image have great expertise in creating custom branded Gobos. Our reputation has quickly become renowned for our high standard of finished projects and stellar customer service. Providing cutting edge products in gobo projection, Projected Image is the recommended choice for all your brand logo projection requirements.

We pride ourselves on our excellent communication with customers and run our own blog to help provide examples of custom branded gobos, but also to pass on our knowledge to our customers. Take a look at our blog page to find instructor videos on everything from what a gobo is to projection hints and tips. If you’re stumped for inspiration, our blog highlights some of our previous branded gobo work for clients, such as this example used for Northen Lights Brewing Co’ and our projections for Shining a Light on The Staiths.

Expand your Marketing Limits with Logo Projection at Projected Image

Interested in elevating your marketing potential and creating your own custom branded gobo? Get in touch with our team of manufacturing experts at Projected Image and chat to us about your project. Or upload your custom branded gobo and one of our manufacturers will soon be in touch with a live proof of your gobo request.

Be sure to include any special requests or queries about your custom gobo, and our team will get back to your query ASAP. Please allow at least one working day for a response.