Using Gobos At Halloween or Day Of The Dead and Fireworks events

Posted on: Nov 5, 2018

Autumn events come thick and fast with Halloween, Dead of The Dead and Bonfire Night all falling within a week of each other.  Thankfully all of these events are usually a night-time affair so gobo projection and lighting are the perfect answer.
With that in mind sometimes being able to combine these events or reuse transferable elements from these events will save you time and money.
The nature of lighting events can be as simple or complicated as you want or your budget calls for. Gobo Projection can add atmosphere and depth to any venue whether that is inside or outside. 
The first event that occurs is Halloween, lighting for Halloween mainly comes in the form of candles in pumpkins. Using projection at Halloween can be the perfect way to cover a whole venue in decoration and theme with the hassle of hanging multiple props and using a budget more wisely. We used a wolfman catalogue gobo to cover one giant wall inside a venue.

Halloween werewolf gobo
Next date in the diary is Day of the Dead, the Mexican celebration to remember those who have passed has become a popular theme for events around this time of year. We created a sugar skull custom gobo to projector onto the outside of a venue. Using our weatherproof portable gobo projectors this size image required an 80 Watt projector and single colour glass gobo. 

Sugar Skull gobo
Last is the UK celebration of Bonfire Night,  traditionally lit by fireworks, gobo projection shouldn’t aim to replace this but compliment it. With fireworks events growing bigger and entertainment provide before and sometimes after gobos can be used to add colour lighting to outside venues like fields, parks or sports clubs by DJ to create a party atmosphere but also be used as signage to direct people to toilets, fire exits or food and drink vendors. This image was projected using our 80 Watt Outdoor gobo projectors to brand a fireworks display with the venues artwork to bring the inside of the museum out.

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